Most Cleaning and Home Service businesses pride themselves in delivering Great Quality and Service. The very nature of cleaning and home services is to “be of service” to others. People who do cleaning generally like to be of service and try very hard to do a good job. Many people are very busy these days and often don't have the time or inspiration to do the chores such as cleaning the home, garden or car. For this reason, Home Cleaning services have become popular and utilised by all kind of households. The convenience of having your home cleaned frees your to do the things that you prefer to do are more important to you, such a spending quality time with family or friends. In our busy lives, shopping, studying, personal grooming, reading, catching a movie or just having some ‘me’ time is as important. Mopping, sweeping, emptying the rubbish bin, cleaning the bath, wiping the mirrors, vacuuming, scrubbing and wiping walls can be done by others, who are happy to do these jobs for you.

When you engage a cleaner, be sure that you prioritise their time effectively and get them to do the work you cannot or don't want to do. Some cleaning jobs require a degree of expertise and often some specialised cleaning compounds. Chemical free cleaning is important to some people, especially where members of the household have allergies to cleaning chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. Most people use their cleaner to do a more thorough and detailed clean on a weekly or fortnightly basis. This makes a lot of sense as the daily chores of doing the dishes, wiping the bench tops and stove, kitchen table, making the bed, putting the rubbish out and giving the floor a quick sweep are basic tidying and good housekeeping. But over time, depending on the number of people in the hose, the hard floors will need to be mopped clean, the carpet will need a vacuum, the bath, shower and basins will need to be cleaned with soap and scum removing product; the toilet will need a thorough disinfect, getting deep into the “s” bend, under the rim and in behind the seat. Glass surfaces such as doors, coffee tables and morros will need cleaning with a cloth and chemical that will leave the surface clean and streak free. A good cleaner will know where to find the the little dirt build up points that overtime become noticeable and ugly. Areas like behind doors, under cupboards and along edges don't need cleaning often, but they do need attention regularly to avoid build up. Stair rails and bannisters are typically a feature in a home and it's important these are kept clean and well presented. Dusting is another job that takes a eye for detail and attention on a periodic basis. Dusting off pictures, tops of fridges, cupboards, bookshelves, vases, ornaments and behind fittings and fixtures is a process that is best done in a routine manner. Usually, your cleaner will be expert at organising themselves to work in a consistent and routine process that will ensure that nothing is missed.

After some time, fridges, microwave ovens, stoves, ovens, cooktops and kitchen cupboards will need to be thoroughly cleaned. These can be quite big jobs, especially the fridge and the oven. When you ask your cleaner to do these jobs, make sure it is at the expense of some other tasks, or additional time is allowed. A good process for cleaning the oven is to set the oven cleaning chemical to work first, do some other cleaning and then come back to oven later. This gives the cleaning compound the maximum amount to time to dissolve or loosen the baked on grime. It maybe a good idea for you to set this process in train in preparation for your cleaner. But make sure you arrange this ahead of time as you don't want to come home to find the oven wasn't cleaned.